It's the most common question we get when a buyer finds a home they want: what should I offer?


To help you answer this question, we will do an in-depth market analysis. We'll find out the sold prices for similar homes in the last six months and adjust for features your home may or may not have.


Then the hard part: We account for the intangible. How much do you want this home? If you lost this home to a buyer who offered X amount more, would you kick yourself?


While price is the most important factor in a seller's decision, we've learned that other factors also make your offer attractive. We will always discuss those options with you when it comes time to make an offer.


This is a step at which it pays to have an agent you can trust. You must feel comfortable having difficult and direct conversations and must know that your agent will be straight with you without putting you in a situation where you overpay or lose out on the property you want.


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