Property search tips

Getting out to see properties is one of the more fun parts of the buying process, but it takes time and effort. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your property search.


Schedule in advance

Contrary to popular belief, we realtors don't have magic keys to get into any building at any time. We need to request appointments and get permission and lockbox codes.  Sometimes that can be done online, other times by phone, and it can take up to 24 hours to get approval, especially when tenants are involved.  While we will always do our best to get into that amazing property that just popped up, the earlier you get us your list, the more efficiently we can plan your tour. 


Take photos and notes

Touring five homes can be confusing, let alone ten in one day. Those funny nicknames they give out on HGTV have a purpose.  You're much more likely to remember the "purple carpet house" than 123 Main St. Your broker should provide you with a list of the addresses. Make a note of what order you see them in, give the house a nickname, take video and photos and you'll be able to review them more easily when you get home.


Be ready to write offers

A lot of buyers fall in love with the first house they see, but are scared to write an offer on it. In this market comparison shopping will result in missing out on properties.  By reading through your property search emails, you can familiarize yourself with the market and feel more confident about prices and what's available. Other ways to be prepared are reviewing contracts in advance and keeping paperwork up to date with your lender.



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