Power of investment

Imagine if you went into your financial adviser and said this:


I want to buy $300,000 of Apple stock today. However, I will give you only $60,000, someone else will pay the remaining balance, and after 30 years I can sell for the full amount of whatever the stock is worth at that time.


You'd be escorted out. Try that with a mortgage lender, and they'll give you a huge chunk of money.


The power of property investment is huge. You put down a fraction of the cost, a renter pays your mortgage (plus some cash flow, hopefully), and when you sell it, you keep the everything you and your renter put in (plus any appreciation in value).


Property ownership has another bonus. You can leverage your equity to buy more property. What we mean by this is that banks will give you a loan based on the equity you have in your home, and you can use that money to buy another home that you will again have another renter pay the mortgage on.


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