Medium-term rentals (also known as subletting, the traveling-nurse model or corporate rentals) are an excellent way to diversify your investments, and are often a good backup for when your city changes their Airbnb laws and/or you just get tired of doing Airbnb.

What is a medium term rental? A medium- term rental is a furnished rental, which is rented for 30 days or more.

What are the advantages of a medium-term rental? There are a few advantages to medium- term rentals:

  1. less work than an Airbnb

  2. more money than a long-term renter

  3. usually, legal. I say usually because you will be fine on a city level (30+ days rentals are legal everywhere I know of nationally)... but they may still be restricted in condos by the HOA

  4. They often convert to a long-term tenant but with the increased rate

Who uses a medium-term rental? We've found a few profiles for people that use medium-term rentals:

  1. people considering divorce and trying out separations

  2. people new to the city that want to experience it before committing to a neighborhood

  3. traveling nurses

  4. corporate professionals

How do I find people for medium-term rentals? There are a number of different sites, some that cost money and some that don't which cater to this model and which quite a few of our clients have had success with. If you want info on those sites, email us at

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